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Oral sex for lovers: Facesitting in Waadt

The English term "face sitting" could be translated as "sitting on the face". One of the two sex partners, mostly the woman, sits kneeling on the face of one or the other. However, this particularly intimate position can be very different, depending on what is important to you. Maybe you want to taste and lick the wet scented vagina of a girl extensively? Or spoil her tight rosette anal with her tongue? Depending on what you prefer, the horny girl with the face facing you or sitting away on you. This can also be a charming starting position for the subsequent 69 sex position. Hardly a girl can say no, that is why most erotic girls on 6navi.com offer it!

Power and submission to facesitting

Maybe you just want to deliver yourself to your service girl and submit? Not even anyone of you must be naked - but you can, of course, if you prefer. You can also try the high erotic submission game Smothering with the girl of your choice. Here, the lady presses her asshole so hard in the face, that in the truest sense of the word the air stays away. So she fully controls your air supply and you are completely at the mercy of her will. There are also fetish variants like the "Jeanssitting", in which the girl wears jeans. In principle, almost everything is possible here, just ask our contacts afterwards - no inhibitions!

Horny position, full service in Waadt

This especially intimate service is offered by escort girls, hobby whores and taboo whores everywhere in Switzerland. Search among dozens of advertisements and contacts the girl of your choice, whose slit wet with lust you feel in the face, smell and taste!

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